Gold Price Editor

Variant Configuration

To update the prices of all products in a single click, you need to configure the Product and its Variants first. You can easily edit the Variant Configuration, by searching with the Product Handle under 'Products' tab.

For every Variant of the product, you need to select the Metal Type (Gold, Silver or Platinum) and Metal Weight. For Gold, Gold Purity is also mandatory. Other fields like Diamond Charges, Stone Charges, Making Charges, Wastage, Tax, etc. are optional.

NOTE: If the product or variant is removed is Shopify, it should also be removed from the application manually. If it is not removed, price refresh will fail for these products.

Price Update

With the One-click Refresh feature, prices will be updated on your Shopify Store with just a click. Time taken to complete the refresh will be based on the Number of Variants you have configured.

Making Charges Discount will reduce the current making charges by entered percentage. This Value will is only used for calculating prices. It will not update the Variant Configurations.

Shopify has an API limit of 2 request per second. So if you have a lots of Variants, we suggest you wait for atleast 10-15 minutes before refreshing your prices again.

Live Price Updates

Automatically update the product prices based on the Market prices every 30 minutes. Available for Gold, Silver and Platinum. For currency conversion (if any), we use the official Shopify Currency Conversion rates.

To upgrade to Live Price Updates Add-on, goto the Billing page and Activate the Subscription with Live Prices. If you already subscribed to the regular plan, your old plan will be cancelled when you upgrade.

This feature is available as an Add-on in certain regions. If you like to use this feature, contact us at for enabling it for your region.

We also support Integrations with both External API and your existing Live Price Feeds or API.

NOTE: Live Price Updates will not be activated for Development Stores.

Formula Configuration

The application provides 2 Formulas by default. Product prices are calculated based on the Formula you choose. You can also add a Custom Formula that suit your needs.

Note: You need to Refresh Prices again if you need to update the prices using the latest formula.

To create a Custom Formula, please contact us at

Shopify Metafields

Gold Price Editor has built-in support for Shopify Metafields. All Variant Details provided in the application are also available on Shopify.

To access, use the Namespace as 'DI-GoldPrice' and Key as 'variant_additional_details' or 'addtional_shop_settings'. These data are stored as JSON format and can easily be accessed through the Liquid Template.

For example use, {{ <variant>.metafields.DI-GoldPrice.variant_additional_details.metal_weight }} to access the Metal Weight Property.

NOTE: If you have more than 1 variant per product, you need to first capture the Metafields of all Variants and store it into a Javascript variable.

Similarly, you can use {{ shop.metafields.DI-GoldPrice.addtional_shop_settings.gold_price_24k }} to access the 24K Gold Price.

You can find more details about Metafields at the Shopify Docs page.

Variant Details Backup

We automatically backup our Database each month. But if you like to download a copy of all the Variant Details in a Excel (.xlsx) format, you can opt for it by paying a one-time charge of ₹250.00 INR or $5.00 USD per backup.

Kindly contact us at to know how you can download a personal copy of your database.


Gold Price Editor supports Shopify Billing. You get a free trial period of 3 days before being charged. If you cancel within the trial period, you will not be billed. If you uninstall the application, Subscription will be cancelled automatically.

For any billing related queries, please contact us at

Custom Integrations

We support Custom Third-party integrations for a one-time fee. Please contact our support and share your requirements. We will provide the quote based on your requirement.

We also support integrating with your existing Services.


If you have any special requirements, custom formula or face any issue, kindly contact us at We will assist you.

Review Application

If the Gold Price Editor for Shopify application helped you easily automate the price updates on your Jewelry Store, please rate and review the application on the Shopify App Store.